Phytohormone Supplementation Table

Gerald Trost getr at
Mon Mar 30 07:22:07 EST 1998

Hi Plant Biologists !

I am a Hobbyist in Plant Tissue Culture.
I have some Phytohormones and I want to test and use them.

I URGENTLY NEED a RULE OF THUMB of how much Hormone to use !

My knowlege up to now is:

If one uses a Hormone for NORMAL PURPOSES
(root inducation, shoot inducation, increasing growth, increasing
vitality and so on ...)
then only a minimum Hormone concentration is needed.

But if one uses a Hormone for CALLUS INDUCTION purpouses
then a larger Hormone Concentration is necessary.

My Question is::

Can you please give me a RULE OF THUMB or give me an IDEA for each
of the Hormones listed below of how much Hormone Strength you would use
"Normal Use" and of how much Hormone Strength you would use for
"Callus Inducation" Purposes.

Please fill in the table like the following example table shows: ( 1 ppm
equals 1 g/l )

HORMONE                 NORMAL USE                    CALLUS INDUCTION

2,4-D                           0.2 to 2.0 ppm
maybe 4.0 to 5.0 ppm
IAA                             maybe 0.01 to 1 ppm                3.0
to 6.0 ppm
and so on...

(These values above are WRONG - This is only a sample table !)

Please fill in ALL values - even if you DONT KNOW how much Hormone is
needed for callus inducation  - because you never have used the specific
for this purpose.

If you DONT KNOW the values or in case you are NOT SURE
then please fill in the Values you WOULD USE ON FIRST TRY
and tag the unknown values with the keyword "maybe" - like the sample
table above shows it.

Please fill in your values:

HORMONE                 NORMAL USE                    CALLUS INDUCTION




Many thanks in advance for your help !

Of course I know, that the Hormone Concentration depens on the
kind of plants used and it may also depend on the kind of medium used.

So this Table can only be a Rule of Thumb !

But this Table will be of interest for many newcomers like me !

I want to merge ALL incoming tables and I want to publish the result in
this NewsGroup.

Please contribute to this Knowledge Collection, it will be useful for
many of us !

Please answer directly to me:


Gerald Trost <getr at>
C.S.E Systems GmbH.
St.Veiter Strasse 4
A-9020 Klagenfurt

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