excess co2 impacts to plant

Monique Reed monique at bio.tamu.edu
Fri Nov 13 10:18:47 EST 1998

Find a good book on plant physiology.  After a certain level, the plant has 
all the CO2 it can handle and pathways get saturated and there is no effect 
beyond.  (I forget what the point is; it is probably within a 
definite range but different for different species) At 10,000 
ppm, you may even be damaging your plants.  Remember, plants don't just 
photosynthesize, they have to respire as well.  Also, at 10,000 ppm, could any 
staff go inside the house?

M. Reed

>I want to have your opinions 
on the effect of co2 level to plant growth in>vinyl house. What i know is co2 
level in atmoshpere is about 300ppm, right ?>What if we increase the co2 level 
upto about 10,000ppm in vinyl house with>burning LP gas, how does it affect to 
vegetable growth ?

>thanks in advance


>kim0yoj at namri.go.kr

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