Help! Viscous bean extract! (oo-er).

Hedley Carr bmbthc at
Wed Nov 18 12:13:14 EST 1998

Hi there,

I am currently trying to sterilise an extract of bean (Phaseolus
vulgaris) cotyledon tissue to allow its application to sterile plant
growth media. The trouble is it's just too viscous to filter-sterilise.
I've tried standard 0.2micron and 0.4micron syringe filters but they
clog almost instantly. A glass fibre 'pre-filter' syringe filter also
clogged instantly.

I need the sterilisng method to be as non-destructive as possible as I
am studying the effects of an as yet unidentified (but small) component
of the extract for biological activity. Hence, autoclaving and UV
treatment are out of the question.

I haven't worked with bean tissue before and so I don't really have much
idea of what the filter-clogging contaminant is, though I suspect it is
some mixture of soluble fibre/polysaccharides.

Anybody have any ideas?


Hedley Carr.
School of Biochem. & Mol. Biol.,
University of Leeds,

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