Mosquito Repelant plant.

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>Living in this South warm weather we got lots of mosquitoes and I'm tired of
>buying all this Deet sprays that are kind of expensive. I wanted to know if
>someone out there knew of a plant whose any part could be use as a tonic to
>deter mosquitoes when applied to the skin. I also need this plant to be able
>to grow in my zone 10

Eat garlic, lots of garlic, so you sweat garlic out your pores...

Controlled experiment:  several of us went out to help some friends on
a farm.  That night, one person made up some blue cheese, garlic and 
yogourt salad dressing.  Somehow there was some confusion and the stuff
ended up with far far more garlic than intended.  It was delicious and
we all ate lots except for one fellow who doesn't like dressing on his
salad.  The next morning we got up, wreathed in garlic fumes, and went
out to fix fences.  It was black fly season and we were soon surrounded
by a big cloud of these awful blood suckers as well as plenty of mosquitoes.
After a while, we noticed that although the bugs were crawling in our
hair and on the inner surface of our eyeglasses, and being inhaled with
almost every breath, they weren't biting, except for the guy who hadn't
eaten garlic, who was getting eaten alive (black flies actually chew a
little hole through your skin and them lap the fluid, unlike the neater
mosquito method).

QED.  Btw, eating lots of garlic can protect you from colds and flus, too,
perhaps because people don't get close enough to sneeze on you....

Btw, if you just let the mosquitoes bite you, after a while your immune
system will give up reacting to the saliva of the local population, and
the bites won't swell and itch any more.

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