Looking for Labiatae Seeds (Agastache, Nepeta, Monarda, Dracocephalum)

Mark Hoemann mhoemann at rz.uni-osnabrueck.de
Wed Nov 25 06:29:52 EST 1998


I collect species (wild and selections) of the genera 

Now I think I have all species which are available from europes seed
collectors, nurseries, botanical gardens ....

But it is only a small range. So I need adresses of serious
Seed-companies, seed- collectors or private persons from where I could
get seeds. 
Because Nepeta and Dracocephalum is mostly growing in Asia and north
Africa. Monarda, Agastache in America I think I need adresses from all
over the world.

Thank you

Mark Hoemann

By the way.
I created a little bibliography of this genera (now about 460 records)
in Excel. There are Books, journal-articles concerning  garden use to
chemical compunds, beekeeping to identification keys.
If someone want to have it I can mail it.

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