Sticky Ficus

Monique Reed monique at
Fri Oct 2 14:21:55 EST 1998

Scale insectss will do the same thing.  Look for little brown or gray bumps on 
leaves and stems.

M. Reed

>Mealybugs - leaf sap suckers that omit "honeydew" - excess sugar as a by product
>of their munch feast. They become less mobile as the mature and develop a waxy
>cottony coating. They lay egg masses that are white fuzzy spots. You can use a
>insecticidal soap - I've used Safers - or soapy water. Or rubbing alcohol . Just
>wash the leaves off  - and sometimes stems. Look for the egg masses.  It's
>pretty effective. Sometimes there will be egg masses on the soil surface in the
>pot too.
> A bad case can defoliate a ficus pretty fast so get on it.

>Kenzie wrote:

>> We have had a ficus for a couple of months now, and I have only just noticed
>> that the leaves are very sticky.  The floor around the plant is quite sticky
>> as well.  We have another ficus in a different room, but don't seem to have
>> this problem.
>> I can't see any beasties on it, but I guess that doesn't mean they aren't
>> there!
>> Can anybody suggest what the problem might be and how to rectify it??
>> Thanks!!

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