Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

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Fri Oct 2 14:20:11 EST 1998

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>In article <r7UPzCA2XKF2EwOc at>, Oz wrote:
>> There is little doubt that glyposate is particularly benign compared to
>> almost all pesticides so one wins out here too.
>I can imagine the Pentagon advancing similar arguments for the Neutron 
>Bomb: "And, Mr President, statistics show that, in aggregate, more people 
>die each year from small-arms fire, hand grenades and landmines than will 
>ever die from this device and, what's more, they don't enjoy such quick, clean 
>deaths. We really recommend tripling the defence budget for this wonderful new 
>'one application treats all' system".

OK, no sweat. If you want more pesticides on your food then buy russion
foodstuffs and cotton. 

If you want less, then support rr-cropping.

If you want none then buy organic.

You have complete choice, so I guess you aren't complaining, are you?

[NB Still waiting for someone to quote a death due to properly handled


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