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Dmitry A. Alexandrov root at
Sat Oct 3 18:48:43 EST 1998

I am a graduate of Moscow State University, Plant Science, presently
working as a lecturer in Plant Morphology & Plant Anatomy, dept. of
Biology, Moscow South-West High School.

During my lecturer's work I have prepared some materials for publication
in plant morphology (details - in CV).

I would be very glad to join your group on a temporarily basis in order
to obtain some experience and learn your methods and approaches, which
are of a great interest to me. That, to my belief, will give
considerable input to my career as a research scientist.

I would like to know if there are any opportunities to join your group
on a temporarily basis. Please find enclosed my Curriculum Vitae
concerning my position and experience. If you  need further information
or references I will be glad to furnish you with it.
Thank you very much in advance.
Sincerely yours,
Dmitry A. Alexandrov.

Curriculum Vitae
Dmitry A. Alexandrov

Dept. of Biology,
Moscow South-West High School
Moscow, Russia
Pyatnitskoye r. 25-168,
Moscow - Mitino, 123430, Russia
E-mail: mitya at
Date of birth   June 21, 1973
     1995      Graduate, Chair of Higher Plants , Department of
               Biology, M.V.Lomonosov State University, Moscow.

     1995      Laboratory assistant, Chair of Plant Physiology, Dept.
of Biol., MSU
     1996      Lecturer in Plant Morphology & Plant Anatomy, Dept. of
Biology, Moscow
South-West High School.

Teaching Experience
     1. The  guiding  of  practical expeditional works in botany
(morphology and systematics) for 1st-year students of  Tver State
University (july 1993 - assistent, july 1994 - tutor)
     2. Lectures  in   Anatomy & Morphology of Higher Plants for
10th-year students of Moscow South-West High School (special  courses
for students, specialized in biology).

Research Interests
     1. Anatomy and Morphology of plants, morphogenesis.
     2. Biology of mosses and liverworts.

Research experience
     1. Alexandrov D.A. 1994. Comparative analysis of ontogenesis of
related species
Rhumex acetosa and Rhumex thyrsiflorus.// in "Plant ecologycal
morphology successes and it's influence on the adjacent sciences" Ed.
Yelenevsky A.G., Moscow [on Russian - "Uspekhi ekologicheskoy
morphologii rasteniy i eyo vliyaniye na  smezhnye nauki."]
     2. Choob V.V., Shipunov A.B., Alexandrov D.A., and others. 1998.
Water Plants, Key for determination of macrophytes species.// in "Summer
school practice in botany - comp. Shipunov A.B., Ed. Zhmylyov P.Y.,
Moscow, Publ. MCNMO, 1998 - in press. [on Russian]
     3. Poster in Biological Pupil's Science Conference 1987 (Placed in
Moscow State Univercity)
     *. Diploma project: "Comparative anatomo-morphological analysis of
some mosses specieses fam. Polytrichaceae"
Diploma Certificate in Plant Biology,
M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University
Dmitry A. Alexandrov

'5' - the highest mark
'+' - test passed


Student project in botany    5
Systematics of Angiosperms    5
Morphology of vegetative organs    5
Morphology of reproductive organs    5
Development biology of plants    5
Plant cytology    5
Plant anatomy    4
Pollen morphology  & sporo-pollen analysis    4
Reproductive biology of Angiosperms    4
Microtechnics    +
Plant embryology    +
Bryology, Lichenology    +
Multivariate statistics in botany    +
Microevolution of plants    +
Botany (general course)    4
Angiosperms    5
Lower plants    5
Zoology (general course)    5
Prarticular zoology+
Plant physiology    5
Ecology    5
Conservation    +
Soil science    +
Genetics    5
Biochemistry    5
Cytology    5
Virology    +
Molecular biology    +
Organic chemistry    5
Microbiology    +
Student intermidiate project    4
Antropology. Anatomy    +
Human and animal physiology    +
Physiology of higher-nervous activity    +
Evolutionary theory    4
History and methodology in biology    +
Biophysics    +
Physics    5
Physical chemistry    +
General and inorganic chemistry    4
Mathematical methods in biology    +
High mathematics    3
English language    5
Philosophy    +
Basics of economics    +
History of religions    +
History of XX century    +
Russian law    +
Physical training    +


botany tuition, 1st year    5
zoology tuition, 1st year    4
botany tuition, 2nd year    5
zoology tuition, 2nd year    5
professional training    5
diploma experiments    5
Practicals in botany    +

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