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In article <6v0afb$cjc$1 at>, rwallace at says...
> Partakers in this sale or swap should be aware that many of these plants are
> listed in the CITES Appendices and any transaction, sales or otherwise, must
> be accompanied by proper CITES documentation from the country of export.  
> Should the shipment be discovered without proper documentation, it can be
> siezed and fines levied against shipper and/or importer.   
> 	FWIW,
> 	Rob Wallace
> RE:
> In article <Pine.A32.3.96.981001111526.35698A-100000 at>,
> Guido Boddenberg  <s3299 at> wrote:
> >I like to trade or sell following CP seeds/seedlings:


Hello Bob Wallace:

Thank you for your post. I am not familiar with the field of botany and I 
was somewhat curious about this post regarding carnivorous plants for 
sale. It never occurred to me that some items on that list are on some 
"controlled substance" list. Will you direct me to a source of 
information about the CITES Appendices, and indicate which items on 
Guido's list are restricted.

Thank you.

Philip Childress

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