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Surely enough of us have gardens, plant pots, old plastic coffee cups
to start the most radical eco-terrorism project ever undertaken.  If
we organise, we could grow say, 1 weed between 50 people.  If each of
those people puts the reproductive parts of their weeds in front of
the telly, radiation would bring about mutation and a diverse seed
bank.  Then we simply test them all against round-up and find the
strains that are herbicide-resistant.  Growing these on to produce the
innoculum to comat Monsanto would be easy.  Then respectable
Barbour-clad birders could spread their seed as they go about their
birding.  Soon the countryside would be full of Fat Hen and Partridge.
Tree sparrow and falling profits.

The Solway

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>The list of sites known as the Public Register Index is now
>available on 
>and is up to date as of August.
>Apologies to anyone who feels this is 'off-topic'.
>David Brear
>The Wild Flower Page
>Wild Flower News

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