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> I am doing a poster presentation on the topic of Medicinal Plants for my 2nd
> year Vascular Plants course.  If anyone has any interesting ideas, data,
> areas to look, etc., I would greatly appreciate it.  Anyone familiar with or
> involved in this area would be an incredible asset.  Thanks in advance,
> Please email:
>     Ryan Radford
>     rradford at

Have you tried searching on CAB Abstracts database? This is an agriculture and
life sciences database produced by CABI Publishing which includes abstracts in
your area - it is available via DIALOG...(or see CABI home page at

The subset of records that you are interested in are also available as a print
journal called 'Review of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants'.  The journal covers
the core medicinal and aromatic plant journals and also a very wide range of
sources including medical general science, botany, agriculture, chemistry,
biotechnology and pharmaceutical journals and includes over 3,000 records per
year.  See

CABI also run a search service if you want a one-off search across the
database- you can order this via e-mail to: biblioserv at (See also

Hope it goes OK!

Amy Tucker
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