Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

Tracy Aquilla taquilla at
Wed Oct 7 04:43:56 EST 1998

In Article <6vfc8s$hmh$2 at>, Harold Lindaberry
<harlind at> wrote:
>Roger Whitehead wrote:
>> In article <kzjMBXArdSF2EwOW at>, Oz wrote:
>> > [NB Still waiting for someone to quote a death due to properly handled
>> > pesticides.]
>> Just noticed this little trap in Farmer Oz's latest challenge. It allows any
>> reported deaths to be defined as resulting from improper handling (should the
>> antipodean agrarian so desire, of course).
>    No more than someone  taking a fist full of aspirin, or other medication
>dropping over dead and you advocating ban all medications, or someone going
>through a stop sign and getting hit by a truck so ban all cars and trucks.

Based on sheer numbers, either would save more lives than banning
pesticides. There are over 100,000 deaths per year in the US due to
complications arising from the use of FDA-approved drugs. How many deaths
from pesticides are we talking about?

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