Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

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Thu Oct 8 12:49:27 EST 1998

David Kendra wrote:

> Beverly Erlebacher wrote:
> > The incidence of leukemias and other cancers has increased remarkably in
> > US corn and grain farmers and their families over the past 20-30 years,
> > out of proportion to the incidence of these cancers in other rural residents
> > or the population as a whole.
> Can you please give me a reference for this.  I am more concerned about the impact
> of mycotoxins on farmers than I am on agrichemicals.  I notice that no one (for
> the most part) seems to mention these as factors, yet they are some of the most
> toxic materials know.
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> Dave Kendra

  True - aflatoxin A or B will cause cancer in mice ar 0.1 ppb in the diet in less 6
months which even dioxin can't accomplish

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