Mustard Tree

Monique Reed monique at
Fri Oct 9 08:34:12 EST 1998

If you take or mail a sample (including fruit and/or flowers) to a university 
herbarium at U.T., SWTSU, A&M, etc., someone there can probably help you 
narrow things down.

M. Reed
Herbarium, Texas A&M

>My name is Ronney Nanney, and I am the operations manager of a large
>conference and retreat center in Cedar Hill Texas USA. Someone has donated
>what they call a "Mustard tree or bush" to our organization. All we know is
>that it originally came from Israel. I have been told that it is common
>along roadsides in Israel. I believe that they said that it has yellow
>flowers also.
> The problem is we have no idea how to care for it! or what it really is.Can
>someone please help? Thank you.

>   Ronney Nanney
>   operation manager
>   Mt. Lebanon Encampment
>   P.O. Box 427
>   Cedar Hill Texas USA  75104

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