Human based computers (Was - Fruit-based computers)

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Fri Oct 9 18:04:58 EST 1998

William Justice Black schrieb:
> gus <gus_goose at> wrote:
> : Larry Smithmier wrote:
> : > Tristan Wibberley wrote:
> : > > Frampton Steve R wrote:
> [...]
> : Firstly, the concept:
> : "Bio-interactive computational entity for additional analytical
> : abilities for humans" In laymans terms, a device inserted in to a human
> : which will allow previously impossible calculations to be performed
> : "internally". The concept specifies that this bio-compatible computer
> : will provide an additional support role for for the computational and
> : analytical processes of the human brain. It will not supercede the brain
> : as a processing unit. The brain will still be most important, otherwise
> : we have an andriod, not a human.
> [...]
> Honestly, I'd be happy if I just had a decent mathco ;-)

There's an SF book where humans have got mathematical coprocessors
implanted in their brain (as well as pagers etc.).
IIRC, it's _A_New_Proteus_, I don't recall the author.

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