Why no Acorns in UK this year?

Mike S. in FL vaxmgr at downto.earthlink.net
Sat Oct 10 10:36:11 EST 1998

I believe it is because of the imbalance in the number of acorns we've
had here in Central North Florida!  There are so many falling lately,
it's keeping us awake.  Seriously, we've found between 6 and 9 per
square meter, quite an increase from our norm.

Mike Smith in FL
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Bill Edwards wrote:
> Last year we had a bumper crop of acorns for or native tree nursery.
> This year we have searched high and low, around here in north
> Manchester, and found less than 100 acorns.
> As anyone got an explanation for this?
> --
> Bill Edwards
> http://www.dobx.demon.co.uk/

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