Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

Lourens Lourens at
Sun Oct 11 06:30:00 EST 1998

On 08 Oct 98 dkendra at wrote:

>Beverly Erlebacher wrote:
>> The incidence of leukemias and other cancers has increased
>> remarkably in US corn and grain farmers and their families over

>Can you please give me a reference for this.  I am more concerned
>about the impact of mycotoxins on farmers than I am on
>agrichemicals.  I notice that no one (for the most part) seems to
>mention these as factors, yet they are some of the most toxic
>materials know.

Recently, I saw a documentary on (BBC?) television, about the seven  
plagues in ancient Egypt, as written in the bible. Specialists in  
several sciences analysed all plagues and came to remarkable  

The most difficult one was the dying of the first-borne sons. Finally  
it was concluded that the where toxicated just while/after opening  
their grain storage. The cause: mycotoxins.

The first-borne was trditionally the one who would do this important  
job. But because of the damaged crop and bad wheather, the grain was  
contaminated. When they opened it the first time, the toxins killed  
the first. After some time the toxins where gone, so others stayed  


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