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Mon Oct 12 13:21:00 EST 1998

There may be some organizations in your area that do ecological restoration
work and grow their own plants for such projects. Perhaps you could make a few
phone calls to see if such exist, and let them know you have a whole hell of a
lot of acorns free for pick up. Perhaps even some commercial tree nurseries
would be interested.

I really am quite surprised that there aren't squirrels or chipmunks on the
scene though - they'd certianly be in their glory by the sounds of it.

Good Luck,


In article <monique.1582.0030AA27 at>, monique at (Monique Reed) writes:
>No clue how to stop them from happening, but maybe some things to do 
>with them once they fall: Encourage squirrels?  Raise pigs?  Let the darned 
>things sprout and then mow them?  Industsrial-sized Shop-vac?  Really tough 
>mulching mower to just chew them up?  Bribe neighborhood kids with lollipops 
>to pick them up?
>M. Reed
>>Hi.  A friend of mine has a magnificent 80+ foot White Oak tree in his
>>front yard.  Every other year tons of acorns drop on the lawn requiring
>>many many hours of hard labor to pick them up.  As you'd might guess,
>>they do not rake easily.  He is getting up in years and this is a much
>>more formidable task than it was for him thirty years ago.
>>My question is --- Is there a way to prevent the mast crop from setting?
>>Or is there a method for limiting or reducing the number of acorns set
>>in the spring?  Any help would be appreciated!  Thank you

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