My Ficus is Dying!

Heather Cinnaminn at
Mon Oct 12 15:32:41 EST 1998

I have had this tree for 9½ months now, and we had to move it 2x. It
seemed to survive both moves, and our last move was 9 months ago. and
the move before that was only 2 weeks before. I don't know what is wrong
with it. I know they are very sensitive, but all of a sudden it is
dying. I have transplanted it, which someone told me not to do that, but
it wa already done, then I fed it Fish Enzymes, and even fast growing
food....(i.e. Miracle Grow). I pruned it, and it is still dying. BUt has
just enough life to grow a new sprout. Can anyone help me. This tree
means alot, as it was my mother-in-laws, before she died.
PLease e-mail me at Cinnaminn at OR
BobsPrincess at

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