Human based computers (Was - Fruit-based computers)

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> analytical processes of the human brain. It will not supercede the brain
> as a processing unit. The brain will still be most important, otherwise
> we have an andriod, not a human.

Read Gleick's book on Richard Feynman. According to this, Feynman
invented the pipelined vector processing unit back at Los Alamos
working on the Bomb. The individual processing units were people
with calculators.

Rather than trying to reach a solution by having each person solve
for a single point of the matrix, it turned out much faster (in
retrospect, rather obvious) for each person to repeat a given
calculation. Each person received input from the previous person
in the 'pipeline', and passed output to the next person. The desks
were arranged to suit the problem architecture.

No silicon involved.

Dale Pontius
(NOT speaking for IBM)

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