Growing fuchsia seeds. How?

Stephanie stephani at
Mon Oct 12 23:59:47 EST 1998

I had some fuchsia seeds last spring......5 of them.  3 sprouted, one
survived for a while.  According to Burpee, fuchsia seeds are not an
"easy" seed.  They seemed to think that 1 out of 5 was a very good
ratio!  (Yeah, right)  I got full seed replacement tho!  :-)  Have not
tried the new batch yet.

Enkidu <Wil at geen.reclame> wrote:


>I have some seeds from a fuchsia and I wonder how to grow these seeds.
>Is putting them in the soil and watering them enough?

>	Enkidu 
>veenski at wxs dot nl.
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