Sorry for previous message. A very strange plant. Could you guess what is it ? - piantastrana.jpg (0/1)

Michael Sternberg mstern at
Tue Oct 13 22:18:52 EST 1998

The plant is a saprophytic angiosperm, commonly called Indian Pipe in
northwestern US.  There are several genera and I can not be certain that
it is Monotropa uniflora.

The "Indian Pipe" plants are mycotrophic and grow in coniferous
forests.  It is found throughout the US and Canada.  Stamens are usually
10 in number and bear round anthers.

>  Walking in the forest he found a very
> strange plant (I enclosed a photo of it). The stem is white and it
> looks like an umbrella's handle with a bell-shaped edge that looks on
> the ground. My english is terrible, anyway I hope you understand what
> I'm saying, above all if you look at the photo.

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