A very strange plant. Could you guess what is it ?

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Wed Oct 14 16:21:01 EST 1998

Sounds like Indian Pipes, but your picture didn't make it.  Send me a
copy attached to e-mail and let me see.


Alessio Pierotti wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm an italian Telecommunication Engeneering student and this is the
> first time I write a message in this newsgroup. I hope I could find
> someone who could help me to satisfy my request.
> A friend of mine went to USA in June '98 and he visited the Letchwork
> Ntl. Park (NY). He likes botanic and nature in general (above all he
> likes insect of any kind). Walking in the forest he found a very
> strange plant (I enclosed a photo of it). The stem is white and it
> looks like an umbrella's handle with a bell-shaped edge that looks on
> the ground. My english is terrible, anyway I hope you understand what
> I'm saying, above all if you look at the photo.
> What kind of plant is it ? Please, help my friend, he would be very
> happy.
> You can send an answer to the following emails:
> a.pierotti at flashnet.it
> pierotti at fub.it
> pino at fub.it
> Thanks a lot and CIAO !
> Alessio - Rome (Italy)
> P.S.: my friend's Piero Filipponi from Rome.
> ÿØÿà
> (
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