In search of "strange" plant

Jeremy Lee Radosh jradosh at
Thu Oct 15 07:38:14 EST 1998

I remember seeing a "science show" on TV many years back that did an experiment
involving plants and music.  The basis of the experiment was to have several
groups of the same plant (forget which one, but I don't think it mattered to the
experiment) and play different types of music to each.  Other than the music,
each plant group had identical soil, water, light, and fertilizer.

As I recall, the plant group that was played Rock 'N Roll did the best.  The
group that had no music at all (the control group) did worst.  I can't remember
if Jazz beat Classical....

Anyway, I don't think that this is exactly what you're looking for (you want an
"immediate" plant reaction, not "long-term", right?), but it does show plants
are sensative to sound vibrations.


Derek H. wrote:

> I am searching for any type of plant that is sensitive to sound waves. I am
> doing science experiments to demonstrate sound vibrations.
> I don't know if such a plant exists...I am hoping it does.
> The ideal plant would be one that would pick up sensitive sounds (much like
> a microphone), and vibrate the sounds with a delayed reaction.
> Any and all help/comments are greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Derek H.
> derekh at

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