In search of "strange" plant

Indoor Sun Shoppe staff at
Thu Oct 15 03:01:01 EST 1998

We have seeds (.99) or plants ($1-$4) of Mimosa pudica (sensitive
plant), and we also have venus fly traps for $3.95
The mimosa would be the most likely plant to respond to outside stimuli.

Derek H. wrote:

> I am searching for any type of plant that is sensitive to sound waves.
> I am
> doing science experiments to demonstrate sound vibrations.
> I don't know if such a plant exists...I am hoping it does.
> The ideal plant would be one that would pick up sensitive sounds (much
> like
> a microphone), and vibrate the sounds with a delayed reaction.
> Any and all help/comments are greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Derek H.
> derekh at

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