Graduate scholarships in bryophyte systematics and chemistry

Leslie J. Harrison chmhl at
Wed Oct 14 22:02:36 EST 1998

The Graduate School of Sciences at the National University of
Singapore has several study scholarships
( available starting 1999 for
applicants who wish to pursue M.Sc. or Ph.D. degrees in bryophyte
systematics or
natural products of bryophytes.  The interested student can either work
Chemistry by concentrating on the diversity and structures
of the natural compounds extracted from mosses and liverworts, or in
Biology by studying the biosystematic problems of groups of bryophytes
chemical compounds identified as markers.  Applicants (who must be under
30) should have good undergraduate academic records and have taken the
and TOEFL exams with good scores.  Accepted applicants will be given
scholarships to complete the dissertational research (2 years for M.Sc.,
years for Ph.D.).  

For further information please contact either:

Dr. Benito C. Tan           (dbsbct at
Department of Biological Sciences
National University of Singapore
Singapore 119260


Dr. L. J. Harrison           (chmhl at
Department of Chemistry
National University of Singapore
Singapore 119260

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