In search of "strange" plant

Kelly Peterson Kelly_Resa at
Thu Oct 15 13:43:49 EST 1998

On Thu, 15 Oct 1998 08:38:14 -0400, Jeremy Lee Radosh
<jradosh at> wrote:

>I remember seeing a "science show" on TV many years back that did an experiment
>involving plants and music.  The basis of the experiment was to have several
>groups of the same plant (forget which one, but I don't think it mattered to the
>experiment) and play different types of music to each.  Other than the music,
>each plant group had identical soil, water, light, and fertilizer.
>As I recall, the plant group that was played Rock 'N Roll did the best.  The
>group that had no music at all (the control group) did worst.  I can't remember
>if Jazz beat Classical....
>Anyway, I don't think that this is exactly what you're looking for (you want an
>"immediate" plant reaction, not "long-term", right?), but it does show plants
>are sensative to sound vibrations.


I think plants exposed to the Bay City Rollers faired the best....


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