looking for information about Bellis perennis (2nd try)

Yvan Lindekens yvan.lindekens at skynet.be
Thu Oct 15 08:14:59 EST 1998

This is the second posting concerning Bellis perennis for my friend Heidi,
as I have experienced some difficulties with my newsserver.
I hope the problems are solved now, but to be "on the safe side": please
reply trough email, I'll make a summary for the group(s)...

Thanks in advance!


My name is heidi, and I'm looking for information about Bellis perennis
(English daisy). 

I'm looking especially for information about:

* chemical composition of the species
* medical and paramedical aplications
* historical background of the use of this herb in medicine
* gossip about it and everything you want to tell me....

Please send email to my friend,

yvan.lindekens at skynet.be

Thanks in advance!

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