Growing lamps...

Mike S. in FL vaxmgr at
Thu Oct 15 17:49:52 EST 1998

First:  I'm sorry, I had to do it.

What kind of fertilizer do you use on the fluorescent lamps?  And do you
have any trouble in propogation?

There, I've done it and that's that!
Remove the 'downto.' for email responses.

Indoor Sun Shoppe wrote:
> How about HID lighting.  Metal Halide light is a great light for plants
> indoors.
> See more at our site:
> Ian Hunter wrote:
> >     I have sort of an indoor greenhouse for my apartment, and I am
> > looking for some growing lamps.   Currently, all I have is a
> > flourescent
> > lamp, but I would like to get one or two different lamps, so I can
> > vary
> > the different types of light.  Does anyone have any suggestions for
> > what
> > kind of lights to get, and where to get these?
> >
> >     Ian

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