Why no Acorns in UK this year?

Pete Selby pete.selby at mcmail.com
Sun Oct 18 16:17:53 EST 1998

In UK in the middle ages one of the rights of commoners (tenants and
landowners) in the major forests was 'the common of mast'.  This was the right
to turn pigs out into the woodland to consume the tree fruits mainly acorns
and beech mast.  So mast means tree fruits generally though it was always
recognised that both beech and oak have varying crops from year to year and so
the term has become associated with this variation.

So there is your answer, but its in simple English, Old English version.

Pete Selby
Near The New Forest, where commoners still enjoy the common of mast and turn
pigs out to forage in the forest.  They also have turbary commons, to cut peat
and estovers to collect fuel wood.

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