Meeting: Molecular Biology and Agriculture

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Sun Oct 18 18:19:25 EST 1998


		First Announcement and Call for Papers

		Cambridge Healthtech Institute's

*"Molecular Biology's Role in Enhancing Agricultural
							Prouductivity: Crop
Production and Protection"*

	March 15-16, 1999. Mariott, Amsterdam, The Netherland

	Genomic and transgenic technologies are now having a dramatic
impact on agriculture.  New tools that are being rapidly developed from the
Human Genome project are further revitalizing research on genomes major
food crops and their pathogens.  Those researchers working in the technical
developments driving this field and those researchers utilizing new
applications are encouraged to submit a title and summary detailing their
work for consideration of presentaion by the scientific advisory committee.

Sessions Toipics Include:

Role of Biotechnology in Agriculture
Structural Genomics of Crops and Pathogens
Functional Genomics of Crops and Pathogens
Transgenic Defense Traits
Transgenic Enhancement

Deadline for Submission is November 9, 1998

Please submit abstract by fax or email to

Mary Ann Brown, Conference Director, Cambridge Healthtech Institute
Fax:  617-630-1325
Email: mabrown at

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