FS: High Pressure Sodium and Mercury Vapour Lamps.

Zsolt zsolti at hotel.martos.bme.hu
Mon Oct 19 13:57:54 EST 1998

Hello there,

This is for those who live in countries where the main supply voltage
standard is 220-230 Volts / 50  Hz.

I got some spare lighting stuff that I have been advertising on my
country's newsgroup for a very long time now, without any success due to
the very-very small market and internet community.

The following items are made by a Hungarian firm called Tungsram, which
has become a part of General Electric.

1) 150 Watts High Pressure Sodium Lamps 1 used, 1 NIB

Light output 14.5 kLumen = approx the output of 10 pcs of 150 Watts
incandescent lamps. We used this baby to grow Banana, Papaya and other
tropical fruit trees in our flat, with success. Stopped using them when
electrics prices were increased drastically by government. Estimated
life span: 24000 hours. Clear bulb (well focussable). E40 cap. Needs
proper ballast.

Price: $US7 for the used one and $9 for the NIB one, + shipping.

2) Ballast and ignitor for 150 Watts HPSL. The problem of the ballast is
that it is too heavy to be sent to abroad at affordable cost.

3) 80 Watts High Pressure Mercury Vapour Lamp. NIB. Neutral White.
Light output: 3.7 kLumen = approx. the output of 3 pcs of 100 Watts
incandescent lamps. Estimated life span: 16000 hours. Needs proper
ballast. E27 cap. No ignitor needed.

Price: US$ 3 + Shipping.

I can supply more technical data on these if you are interested.

By the way, it is interesting to see that all kind of High Pressure
Lamps cost way more out there than here. I wonder why.

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