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>Ross,  these hedge apple trees have are huge!  I don't think they could be cut
>down to anywhere near 20 feet as they are about 50' tall.
>One of my old neighbors said he thought there was a way to sterolize them.

No sterilization procedure that I know anything about...
though in some species (Maclura not tested to my knowledge)
sex expression has been controlled with hormones.  GA
for example in certain other species has pushed sex
into a higher frequency of male flowers which would definitely
impact fruit production (if effective in Maclura).

Polling a tree means literally removing its crown (leaving
only the stump).  Next season the stump should produce
many branches on the end of the stump, and crown development
will be delayed for many years.  The tree will look odd
if the trunk is cut at, say, 10 feet...a very round crown
should result after a few years...looking much like a
child's drawings of trees.  You may have seen hydrangeas
pruned in this way.  Polling a Maclura might not be great
looking, but I do think it should survive such a treatment
based on the reports of limb cuttings taking root and
growing.  It should rid you of the "bombs" falling on your
livestock for quite some years.  I cannot guarantee that
the trees will survive polling, but the survival rate of
the livestock should improve.


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