Peperomia problems

roachie at roachie at
Wed Oct 21 19:40:16 EST 1998

About a month ago, I bought a lovely Peperomia griseoargentea (also known
as P. hederifolia). It's in a 6" plastic pot, and was in excellent
condition when I bought it. Unfortunately I made the typical mistake
with peperomias, and I overwatered it somewhat about two weeks after
acquiring it. I realized what I had done, and removed it from it's pot
to dry out, and it seemed to have recovered.

Now however, it seems to be drooping and some of the older leaves are 
wilting. I made sure not to water it until it was fairly dry, and then 
sparingly, but 24 hours after water, it's still droopy. Is this an 
after-effect of my overwatering, or is there something else I'm doing 

It's very near a southeast window, but only gets about 1-2 hours of
morning sunlight each day. Room temperature stays around 21-22 C, and
while it's not particularily dry in here, it's not really humid either.
The plant has lots of new growth, but it just doesn't look "perky" 

Any suggestions?


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