John Chambers J.F.Chambers at
Sat Oct 24 16:10:49 EST 1998

hi, another way would be to put them in a large black sack with holes
punched,in using a garden fork, and letting them rot down.
Monique Reed wrote in message ...
>No way at all to grind them up?  Easiest way is to pile them up and just
>th lawn mower over them several times...  Then you can rake and put in a
>compost heap or on the garden or just let them rot where they lie.
>M. Reed
>>Would appreciate suggestions on how to compost leaves without any way to
>>grind them up. My shady garden area sadly needs more organic matter and
>>oak leaves just do not break down very quickly. Hate to see the trucks
>>haul leaves off to a landfill.

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