sound effects on plants

Robert D. Grob rdgrob at
Sun Oct 25 17:18:05 EST 1998

I don't remember the details but it seems to me I remember a study that was
done on mimosa trees regarding the effects of different types of music.  If
I am right, the study came out some 20 or 30 years ago.  Classical music,
if I remember right, was much more conducive to growth than hard rock.  I
think the mimosa tree was used because it was believed to be especially
sensitive to sounds.

j bockman <jbockman at> wrote in article <362CB07D.78B2 at>...
> My daughter is doing a science project on if different types of music
> help or hinder plant growth.  We're having a hard time finding
> information on previous related studies.  If anyone out there knows of
> places, books, magazine articles, etc. that have this type of info we
> would be very greatful for your knowledge.
> Jan

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