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Tue Oct 27 11:01:23 EST 1998

Two WASTE water reservoirs in your garden.

1. Rooftop watershould be used mainly  for the toilet applications  WC flush
for modern homes with a garden, this flow goes to the faecalie wastewater
concrete container,the material sinks down and the water overflow goes to
the garden, for irrigation where it can be puriefied by special green
plants.(names and info available)

2. Tap water for washing and cooking goes to pit n°2 it has a fat separator
before it goes to the purifying fields.
Waste water should be separated in two directions,for purification by
nature,wich are special plants

3. In the region where I live 5.000.000 pigs are hold they produce 10 liters
of urine each day. Tap water contains  35 mg/: of chlore for desinfectation.
And the degree of acidity is 7.70  wich is alcalic.
So I do use another water to prepare foods,coffee and drinks

Info available Email water at skynet.be

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