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>How does one cut a 10 ft corn plant that has healthy growth on the top but
>nothing on the rest of the "trunk." I would like to save the top for
>replanting. How do I cut the trunk and get the top part to develop roots so
>that I can replant it in soil?

Your "corn plant" is probably Dracaena massengiana (sp?).  I believe
you can just lop off the top, let the cut surface dry for a few days,
and root it in moist vermiculite.  Or you can air layer it instead,
which is a more conservative approach.  The old trunk will probably 
sprout a pair of new tops within a few months.  You can repeat the
process to get several 2-3 foot high plants.  If you plant the whole
lot in a large tub, you will have converted your over-tall plant into 
a nice bushy 'shrub'.

Any book on plant propagation will describe air layering.  Check your
public library.

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