HELP! I really some informations about Brassica napus!

Roger Whitehead rgw at
Wed Oct 28 05:43:38 EST 1998

In article <1998Oct27.184314.10141 at>, Beverly Erlebacher 
> I think you are going to have to use a library. 
> Umm, you expect people to go to the trouble to help you, but you can't
> be bothered to read the newsgroup?

Well said, Beverley. I'm glad that someone else feels that way about the 
shiftless. I often find that when I say anything like that, I get privately 
criticised (invariably by people who are doing nothing themselves to help the 
original questioner). In case you do too, here's some public moral support for 
your stance.



PS Give a man a fish and you'll feed him for one meal. Teach him how to fish
and you'll be able to get rid of him for entire weekends at a time.  8-)

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