:In search of "musical" plants)

michael georgiady mgrgdy at galaxy.ucr.edu
Wed Oct 28 22:33:25 EST 1998

I recall seeing an abstract for a paper (don't recall if it was
actually delivered or not) at the Botanical Society of America
annual meeting last year:

"Sound produced by maize leaves: Can we hear corn grow?"
David G. Browning, Dept. of Physics, U. of Rhode Island
American Journal of Botany, June 1997
volume 84, number 6 (supplement), abstract 109

His conclusion seems to be that leaves rubbing and striking each
other in the wind are responsible for the sounds.

In article <363749F5.CA38D6AD at itis.com>, Viffer  <viffer at itis.com> wrote:
>I was told that Corn makes a popping sound when it grows that you can actually

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