Siamo un po' sucettibili, nevvero?

Michel Ravasio ravasio at
Thu Oct 29 17:11:01 EST 1998

Well, I'm sorry! It wasn't my intention to offend You this way...
Rats, of course I've been searching myself and of course I've
been reading the news about three times a day! Giving my e-mail
address was just obvious and not 'cause I expect You to solve my
problems and give me the solutions without any effort! Now You
won't see me write something like "Ok, I'll manage to get along",
I want You to understand this. I see, it's so important for me
to complete my work that I became drastical... Was it that bad?
Probably it was since two of You spent time to criticise me.
Don't know what to say, just I'm sorry again.
Now I hope You won't... how can I say? In Italy we say: "Siamo
partiti con il piede sbagliato" that is something like "I see I
started with the wrong foot"... do this mean I won't be allowed
to contact You in the future?

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