Plants as network medium?

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Tue Sep 1 02:49:18 EST 1998

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>>Furthermore, you'd need a lot of power to go from Canada to Kandy,
>>more than your average petunia would prefer.
>Actually, the power you need is depends on the ionospheric conditions,
>varies with many factors (day/night, sun spot cycle, etc).  You can
>communicate around the world with much less than 1W at times.

I just can add a very personal experience, that flours love to grow toward
electronic equipment. While they first were focused on TV-sets and monitors
they nowadays
tend to avoid high voltage environments.

In fact these office plants here beneath my desk love to wrap cables, inp
ethernet cables and modem lines. Thats the reason of poor network
performance ?
Already another unknown plant protocol causing high collisions and errors ?

Maybe that's the real reason for the undesired, unexpected routing of
between distinct subnets ?

Question: How will spider nets influence network performance in conjunction
with plant networks ? Has anyone else observed an increase of reflections ?

Seems, that bridgin between

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