Plants as network medium?

Ross Vandegrift vandegrift at
Tue Sep 1 13:35:33 EST 1998

First of all, I'd like to say that I respect you a *whole lot* for
posting such a radical idea.  Second, I'd like to say that I think it is
very feasible.  Maybe a plant could be used like the network of nerve
cells in the human body -- carriers of signals without themselves being
affected.  This would be difficult to do, but a bettert place to start
than an echo, is to try and pick up and make some sense out of the 4Hz
signal you say they emit already.  (really going out on a limb), It
could be an abstract form of communication, like the bark of a daog --
trasmitting concepts and feelings, rather than distinct concretes.  I
would say that the first move toward doing something like this is to try
to find a pattern that you could decode in this signal, much the way
Turing Machines were used to break codes during the war (Turing machines
back again!!).  Then, when you have isolated and made some sense out of
the signal, see if how different modulations of that signal affect it. 
You might try to artifically reproduce it, along with ones from other
plants to see how they interact in a controlled environment.  The
problem is that a plant already has so many variables.  
	Finally, I'd like to say that I may just take this up as a project. 
Each year for school I do one project for a half a credit, and this year
I was going to make a computer controlled coffee maker from Radio Shack
parts (/dev/coffee!!) and some filters, but this would be much more
interesting.  Doubt I'd succeed, but I could try.

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