Plants as network medium?

Tristan Wibberley twibberley at
Tue Sep 1 08:37:47 EST 1998

Gerdjan Busker wrote:
> taguebw at writes:

> > A minor point: there is NO evidence that plants respond to music or being
> > spoken too. There is lots of psuedo-science claiming such but no scientist
> > has proven this.
> >
> > But, plants do respond to external signals: light (intensity, wavelength,
> > direction), temperature (both hot and cold), gravity, touch, volatile
> > compounds from other plants,etc.
> Ah,  so what you are saying is ... an optical global network using plants?
> With a backup option of using gravitational waves

Cool, a whole new meaning to the term *ether*net.

Tristan Wibberley

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