Banana tree

Theo & José theune at
Tue Sep 1 13:15:38 EST 1998

My parents have a banana tree for several years. It stands in a pot in a bed
room. Because of its size they can't move him. Now it is a plant of 2,5 m.
high and with a diameter of about 2 m. Since one week it began to bloom (I
hope this is good English).

I have the following questions and I hope that somebody can help me.

After howmany years wil this plant normally bloom? Will it die afterwards?
How long does it bloom?
Are there special things to take care off? (give more water, higher
temperature etc.)

I live in The Netherlands in Europe with a moderate climate: summer about 25
degrees Celsius and winter about minus 7 degrees Celsius. In the bedroom
(where the plant stands) is the temperature 20 degrees Celsius and in the
winter 16 degrees Celsius. Is this to low to bloom.

I hope that somebody can answer those questions because the florist says
that it is special that they live so long in a pot.

Theo Theune

Sorry for my bad English

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