Plants as network medium?

Ross Vandegrift vandegrift at
Wed Sep 2 13:03:46 EST 1998

>Ross Crawford wrote:
Cool, another Ross who is into Linux!

Actually, I planned on not using a pre-existing coffe pot, and designing
my own.  I realize that /dev/coffee has consistently been a joke in many
circles, but I think it might be a neat idea.  My rationale, if there
need be one, would be that different temperatures, only a few degrees
apart are better for brewing different coffee for different purposes. 
For example, to erxtract the maximum amount of caffeine out of beans,
you need the water to be slightly cooler than normal.  Only an
electronic pot designed to brew for variable desires could handle such
	Not to mention my dad works for a controls company that specializes in
temperature control.  hehehe...

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