/dev/coffee (was Re: Plants as network medium?)

Ross Crawford rossc at prologic.com.au
Wed Sep 2 21:36:45 EST 1998

Ross Vandegrift wrote in message <35ED8882.98A87026 at erols.com>...
>>Ross Crawford wrote:
>Cool, another Ross who is into Linux!

Yeah, but not as much as I'd like to be ... M$ dev still pays most my bills

>Actually, I planned on not using a pre-existing coffe pot, and designing
>my own.  I realize that /dev/coffee has consistently been a joke in many
>circles, but I think it might be a neat idea.  My rationale, if there
>need be one, would be that different temperatures, only a few degrees
>apart are better for brewing different coffee for different purposes.
>For example, to erxtract the maximum amount of caffeine out of beans,
>you need the water to be slightly cooler than normal.  Only an
>electronic pot designed to brew for variable desires could handle such
> Not to mention my dad works for a controls company that specializes in
>temperature control.  hehehe...

Hey, that's interesting. Some guys where I work (inc. me) were looking at
putting together a sensor on our urn and interfacing it (probably thru a
games port) to our intranet web page, so we know when it's at the optimum
temperature to make a cuppa. Hasn't got very far. What's the best device to
use? Thermistor? We're not looking at high accuracy. Just a rough idea.
Needless to say, the less $$$ involved, the better. 8?)



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