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Ross Vandegrift vandegrift at erols.com
Fri Sep 4 17:07:43 EST 1998

> Hey, that's interesting. Some guys where I work (inc. me) were looking at
> putting together a sensor on our urn and interfacing it (probably thru a
> games port) to our intranet web page, so we know when it's at the optimum
> temperature to make a cuppa. Hasn't got very far. What's the best device to
> use? Thermistor? We're not looking at high accuracy. Just a rough idea.
> Needless to say, the less $$$ involved, the better. 8?)

The Thermistor idea would certainly work.  However, like I said, my dad
works in computer controled temperature management.  I plan on having
him burn me a custom sensor, like they do for all their jobs.  This
would be free since it's my dad...  ;-) I don't know if it would be
practical for someone without that resource to go with that road.  You
should check out the Caffeine FAQ somewhere (anyone not forget the
link?) -- therein are the listings for the optimum coffee brewing temps.

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