Pregnant onions

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Sun Sep 6 18:12:24 EST 1998

On Sun, 6 Sep 1998 13:39:56 -0500 (CDT), JEL at (JULIE LICAUSE)

>I'm not sure if this is the right group or not, but it's the only one
>that I could find that has anything to do with plants.  I'm trying to
>find pregnant onion start, and I can't find any in Arkansas!  Doie
>anyone know where I can get some?  Thanks
I don't know if this will help much or not, but here it goes:

Over 10 years ago I purchased a "Pregnant Onion" in Missouri from a
greenhouse about 10 miles east of Columbia (Millersberg exit, I
think), smack dab in the middle of the state. If this is the plant you
desire, it was a green bulb, which sat above the soil, which had a
hole at its top from which a fast growing, green, but leafless (maybe
some small leaves) vine emanated. Often there were smaller bulblets
that grew from the base of the initial bulb.

If my memory serves me well, and it often does not, the name of the
greenhouse was something like "Houseplants Unlimited". It was an
extrodinary operation that had a quite remarkable selection of plants,
many of which could not be found in other local greenhouses (I often
traveled from St. Louis just to check out what was new). To a certain
extent they specialized in succulents (I was much interested in cacti
at the time), whose prices were VERY reasonable!

Since then I have lost the ability of keeping houseplants (being an
apartment dweller who moves frequently), but wish I could eventually
continue, and find such an operation as this.

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