The deers are eating my plants

Mr. Warren Place wrp2 at
Mon Sep 7 10:31:40 EST 1998

On 2 Sep 1998, JOEL B. BALL wrote:
> Please help the deers are eating my plants.  I live in NJ.  They
> will eat anything from Roses to  Holly bushes.  I have been unable
> to find a thing to stop them.
> Please help!!!!
> J. Ball
	Deers?  Meaning more than one species?  In NJ I believe you have
Blacktail Deer.  In WA (the state) we have whitetail and mule deer.  They
seem to shy away from blinking christmas lights at night.  Somebody told
me a big dog will help keep them away too, but I hate dogs.

Warren Place 
wrp2 at

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